Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Two Crazy Weeks

It's been 2 crazy and busy weeks for me. As of Monday night at 10pm when I punched out of work, I was at 40 hours on my time clock card. That is an insane amount of hours for me considering that last Sunday (May 7th) was the starting of the pay period. I'm still in tonight, tomorrow night and right through the weekend. As it stands though, I have Sunday and Monday evenings off and just work in the morning which is nice because we have some plans. We want to take Paisley to her first firework display and do some fun family type stuff. :-)

On Mother's Day, my parents came down from Owen Sound for dinner. While I was at work in the morning, Ron got the chicken and the rest of the food ready for dinner so that I wouldn't have as much to do later. What a guy, he ended up staying up until 4pm finishing the whole dinner even though I told him to go to be because he need to sleep before going into work for night shift. He's so stubborn sometimes! As always, the dinner was fantasic because Ron's an amazing cheif, I swear it's his calling in life....
As for knitting, I completed only one of the Mother's Day socks. My mom did try them on when they were down on Sunday and thought they were really cute. Thank goodness, she is a very patient lady and is happy waiting until I get the last sock done. I also casted on for my sweater on Sunday night after Paisley went to bed. I have a few inches done on the back now and it's coming along. It's going to be knit with the Paton's Decor that I got for my birthday from my MIL Rhonda. It's 75% acrylic 25% wool, and is very nice blend to knit with compared to some of the stuff I've been using lately. It has a really nice feel to it with that 25% wool. I'm happy so far.

What else have I been up do?

I've been working on my Project Spectrum All things green postcard that I need to get mailed out this week. I'm hoping to have it finished by tomorrow at the very latest because it has to go all the way to Poland. It's coming along though and I think it's going to be nice when it's all finished. :-)

To substitute for my lack of photos, I had to sneak a picture of Paisley in. Now at least there's a little colour.

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