Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Too hot 2 knit Too hot 2 blog

The weekend as always, flew right by. Friday we had a "Girls Gone Wild" (wool wild) evening with my MIL Rhonda, my SIL Valerie and little Miss Paisley. First we went to Lens Mill Store because I needed some wool for the tea cozy that I'm making, then we went out for a nice dinner. I love our girl time, it's always a tonne of fun! I had to work for the rest of the weekend, but Gramma took Paisley for the night on Saturday, so Ron picked me up from work and then asked me if I would like to go out for dinner with just him, a date! I ofcourse was all for it so we went for Chinese buffet, unfortunately for the amount of money that you pay for buffet it was a little lackluster, so I don't think we'll go for buffet anymore because the last few times we've done it, it hasn't been that great. :-(
It was nice night on the town with him anyway and after dinner we took a cruise in the Jeep with the roof off. A nice way to end the night.

I found a pattern for a tea cosy, but I didn't find a felted one that I was too crazy on so I took the pattern that I liked and jumped up to a 6mm needle and knit it up. It looks great and fits my large teapot awesome, but I'm going to felt it down for a much smaller teapot. I can't wait, I just love felting! It would be done by now but it has been insanely hot in Southern Ontario and I haven't really been feeling like too much of anything. It's actually be sitting on my teapot since Sunday night. I decided to use ribbon instead of doing an i-cord or something, I'll cut the ribbon to the right size when it's all finished, but I like the look of the ribbon, it contrasts nicely with the sage green colour.

No knitting or blogging have been done for many a days, for shame.....

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