Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Touching on pretty much everything.....

The nice weather has finally come back again, too bad the long weekend is over!
I hope everyone had a good weekend despite the miserable weather. It was so cold and wet here in Ontario, maybe it was a good thing that I had to work the whole weekend. Sunday it rained for the majority of the day and it happened to be our big family day we had all planned. We went out to Pizza Hut for a nice dinner together then to the firework display in Dundas, ON. Paisley was so excited about this day, especially the fireworks because it was going to be her first time seeing them. The pan pizza was as good as always and after our meal we headed to Dundas for the fireworks. The streets seemed a little quite, but we kept driving down to find a place to park and then started to walk up to the place where they were holding the festivities. We started to get curious as to whether or not they were cancelled when people started walking back towards their cars with all their gear. A nice family stopped us and told us that nothing was going on or set up so it was probably cancelled. Ouch!!! How do you tell your excited 2 year old that the fireworks are cancelled? We ended up just taking her home and then we went for a walk and saw some backyard fireworks. She was a little disappointed but happy that she got to try out her new Dora flashlight that I got her at work earlier that day. Ron and I were both hoping for a better day on Monday because they were rescheduling them for that night. Although Monday did not look too promising for most of the day, it didn't rain and it cleared up and got sunny right after dinner. We drove back down to Dundas to find everything was on for the fireworks found a spot at the park to put our blanket out and we waited. Paisley was scared and loved the display all at the same time, she said it was a little noisy but she'd like to see them again. I've only been to Dundas once before to see the fireworks, but they were just as amazing as the first time I saw them there. I've never been a big fan of fireworks, but for some reason Dundas puts on a wicked show!!!

Now on to knitting. I didn't get too much accomplished this weekend, but I am more then half way finished the back of my swe
ater and getting close to the armhole shaping. I also got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday, my prize from Warming Grace arrived. It's a skein of fleece artist favourite soft mittens/sock. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet, but I have something new for my stash or lack there of. Thanks Cynthia! :-)
I also finished and mailed my postcard for Project Spectrum. I just don't want to post of a picture of it yet because I don't want to ruin the fun for my postcard pal who won't receive it for a little while yet.

Does anyone know a good pattern for a felted Tea Cozy? I've done some searching online but I was unable to find one that I liked. It's going to be a gift for someone who is very good to us and especially Paisley.

Well, that's about all I can cram into one post for today! So, I'm going to investigate my darling daughter for more signs of chicken pox, yes...chicken pox, I'm pretty sure she's getting them because new dots keep appearing and all the kids in the neighbourhood have either had them or have them now.

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